Digital Savings

Transform neobanking experiences
with agile & secure APIs and SDKs

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Matter of days

Falcon’s savings account API offering enables you to launch savings account programme in matter of days and Revolutionising the future of savings accounts by Simplifying, access, and management like never before.


Solve For All
Customer Needs

Launch with multiple KYC options, co-branded debit cards, UPI, fund transfers and more


Digital Account
Opening in Minutes

Delight your customers with lightning-fast account opening


User Journeys

Integrate our APIs and SDKs seamlessly into your tailored user journey, crafted with your users at the forefront


Multiple Banks,
Single Integration

Save time, cut costs, reduce risk, and empower your customers with choices


Rapid GTM

Simulate in hours, prototype in days and go-live in weeks

Build the future of digital banking

From building new financial products to optimizing current solutions, Falcon is your trusted partner


Step into a customer-focused future of banking

Easy Onboarding

Instant Savings Account with Aadhaar eKYC. Upgrade at your convenience through video or biometric KYC

Zero Balance Account

Appealing Account Offerings - No minimum balance, 5 Free monthly ATM withdrawals, and convenient Rupay-powered payments

Attractive Interest Rates

Maximise Your Earnings - Build wealth with best-in-market interest rates

Seamless UPI Payments

Connect with top payment platforms and pay merchants via scan & pay and intent. Send or Receive money from anyone via UPI ID and UPI Collect

Swift Fund Transfers

Send money instantly and round-the-clock to your loved ones using IMPS,NEFT and RTGS

Rich Statements

Real-time transaction views. Download statements in minutes anytime, anywhere


Bridging Banking and Code:
Simplified APIs & SDKs for Developers

Tools For Every Stack

Get client and server libraries in everything from React and PHP to .NET and iOS

Seamless & Secure SDKs

Swift onboarding, instant accounts, and full compliance assured with our robust SDKs

Transaction simulator

Swift onboarding, instant accounts, and full compliance assured with our robust SDKs

Step-By-Step Recipes

Accelerate development with our detailed guides for frequently requested features and user journeys

Seamless & Secure SDKs

Swift onboarding, instant accounts, and full compliance assured with our robust SDKs

Savings Simulator

Simulate authentic banking environments for precise and confident code testing

security is our top priority

Multi-layered Account

Fraud Control

We take security seriously and use social media accounts, liveliness blueprint, and name match algorithms to ensure that user identities are legitimate and active

Device & SIM binding

Our device and SIM binding module offers an added layer of protection to your account. It protects your account from any fraudulent transactions, giving you the peace of mind you deserve

Rewrite the rules of the new digital economy with us